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Travel to Argentina with WineDistilled.

Wine Distilled Tours is a partnership between 3 friends, all experts in the fields of luxury travel, Argentine wine, and all things Argentina!

Our personally curated trips will take you from the capital city of Buenos Aires, where you will experience Argentine culture and high gastronomy, to the vineyards of Mendoza and Cafayate. Stay in luxury hotels and be immersed in a curated selection of wineries, estancias and restaurants.


Guiding you on your journey will be Argentine Wine Expert, Francine Kowalsky, founder of WineDistilled Tours and her partner, Mendoza Native, Gustavo Arroyat. Francine and Gustavo have led trips together and have a unique perspective, extensive contacts and an overall love for all things Argentine! And booking your journey will be partner, Silvana Re, owner of Silvana Travel.

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