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My Windows on the World

I used to travel a lot for work and pre-9/11 I remember that I would feel like I was home when I'd see the twin towers from the plane's window. Post 9/11 it took some time for me to get used to not seeing the towers and knowing that as soon as I saw them it meant I was home. My birthday is September 10 and for the first few years it was hard to celebrate that day knowing what the next day meant. I finally got used to the idea of celebrating and knowing that we had to go on and not let "them" get to us and in our way of being alive.

This brings me to my thoughts and recollections of the famed Windows on the World restaurant. I just attended a get together for the new book called "The Most Spectacular Restaurant in the World." The book which I haven't read yet is a compilation of stories about the famed restaurant and the many characters who worked there and ran it.

To me and my family it was like home. We were regulars there and I even had the opportunity to work there for a few summer jobs which I'll get into in a bit. Windows as we all called it was a sparkling fantasy land of food, wine and scenery. It